Testimony of Salvation, Baptism, and Call to the Mission Field-Joshua’s

Testimony of My Salvation-Joshua’s

I was saved at the young age of five years old on a Sunday night after church. The first thing I did when I got home that evening was go to my room and knelt beside my bed and ask Jesus Christ into my heart and to forgive me of my sins. I knew that I was a sinner and needed to be saved. I am so thankful that Jesus Christ saved me that night.

Testimony of My Baptism

The Sunday after getting saved I was baptized. I remember the Wednesday after getting saved I stood before the church and told them what I done. When Sunday came around I had the privilege of being baptized by my father. I was baptized at Bible Baptist Temple in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Testimony of My Call to the Mission Field

When I was twelve years old, during a missions conference at our church, I surrendered my life to God to do whatever He wanted me to do. At the age of sixteen, I attended College Days at a Bible College and the emphasis that week was on missions. During the three days we were there, they had presentations on different mission fields and had several students give testimonies whose parents were missionaries to those particular fields. It was during this time when they were focused on Uruguay that I knew God was calling me to Uruguay to serve Him. I went down during the invitation and told God that if that is where He wanted me to go I would serve Him there. Over the past few years I have tried to use my time to help prepare me for the ministry that God has called me to.

Testimony of Salvation, Baptism, and Call to Ministry-Erika’s

I attended Bible Baptist Church in Vallejo, California from the time I was five years old. I was active in AWANA Clubs, Sunday school, and Junior Church. If there was a function at the church I was there. When I was a teenager I went to camp and I remember praying with a counselor and her telling me I was saved. So I kept on being a good church member, but in my heart I knew that prayer had been just some words said not repentance, I had not asked God to save me, I had just repeated what I had been told with no real belief in it for me. When my youth pastor told me that I should go to College Days at Pacific Coast Baptist Bible College I did. And I did go to Bible College, of all places, lost as I could be. I did not get over that I was lost through all the years, but I was so ashamed that everyone thought I was saved and that kept me from it for so long. But God is gracious to me and kept pricking my heart, every sermon felt like it was for me personally.

On November 12, 2000, I finally gave my heart to the Lord and a tremendous burden was gone knowing that I was His child alone. I got baptized as soon as possible to show my obedience to the Lord. I graduated from Heartland Baptist Bible College in May of 2001 with a degree in Christian education. When I graduated I was going to go back and work in my home church but God had other plans for my life and allowed Joshua and I to get married and start our life of service together. Joshua’s call has become my call and I look forward to serving along with him in Uruguay and all the Lord has for us. God has many things He wants to do through a willing vessel and that is what I always want to be. He has given so much to me, treated me more graciously than I deserve, and I want to serve my Savior for my entire life.

Biographical Sketch

I attended Heartland Baptist Bible College in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma right after high school and graduated in May of 2004. During my second year at Heartland I met my wife Erika and we married in December of 2001. We have two beautiful daughters Abigail and Miriam. Abigail is six years old and in kindergarten and Miriam is one and a half years old.

While I was in college I had the opportunity to work as a youth director at Baptist Temple in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. My wife and I traveled every weekend about two and a half hours one way until it came to the point that because of gas prices going up it became too expensive for us to go back and forth every weekend so we had to stop. We joined McKinley Avenue Baptist Church there in Oklahoma City. It was a small church so we got involved in every ministry that we could. We were over the children’s ministry of the church and had the opportunity to start a bus ministry there. The last few years we have been in our sending church getting involved in every area that we could. Erika has taught the first grade Sunday school class for the last four years and I have had the opportunity to teach the adult Sunday school class from time to time as well as preach on several occasions. Together we have served on one of the bus routes as well serve in the children’s church ministry on a monthly basis. We count it an honor to be able to be used by God. We are excited to see what God has in store for us in the coming years as we serve Him in Uruguay.

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