Our Goals

Uruguay is a small, beautiful country located in the southeastern part of South America bordered by Brazil, Argentina, and the Atlantic Ocean. It has a population of 3.5 million people of which 1/3 of its citizens live in the capital city of Montevideo. It is a country that is spiritually dead. There is no official religion in the country though Roman Catholicism is what most people claim to practice. It is South America’s most secular country. There is a great need for the Gospel to be taken to the people of this country. With just a handful of missionaries there, there are just not enough to even begin to scratch the surface of the souls that are dying and on their way to a Christless eternity bound for the Lake of Fire. With God’s help my wife and I hope to make a difference, as the Scriptures say in Jude 22, in the lives of the Uruguayan people by taking the Gospel to them.
  1. Learn the Spanish language
  2. Win souls to Christ
  3. Baptize converts
  4. Disciple converts
  5. Establish independent Baptist churches in Uruguay
  6. Train the Nationals to take over the work